So today an ambulance pulled up outside my house, and the team where going into my neighbours house. Well my road isn’t massively wide so I thought, “I best move my car”.

The only problem with this was I was wearing the world’s worst jogging pants (I’m doing the housework today) so i nipped to change. I grabbed out pair of jeans and went out to move my car. All the time I was conscious of the fact that these jeans where a bit tight, especially around the thigh area, so once inside I looked and they where a size 22.

I’m, normally in a size 24, and they are only held on by my hips, but surely at nearly 2st down I should be a dress size smaller, or at least a jean size! It made me feel really unhappy, I keep putting off trying smaller clothes for this exact reason.

Today was weigh day and I lost 1.5lbs which in all honesty was about 1lb more than I was expecting.  I don’t know maybe I’m just feeling like my backside today and should go give my head a wobble.


3 thoughts on “Disheartened.

  1. Everyone has days like this. I had one on Wednesday strangely enough. I’m an 8x shirt size at the moment and I’ve lost 3st (almost) but my 7x shirts in the wardrobe remain frustratingly out of reach.

    However while I’m wearing that shirt it feels looser and I can move around a lot more. In another few weeks I’m sure I’ll be there.

    Sure it’s demoralising – and at times it seems impossible but you’re doing great.

    At 2at gone you’ve lost nearly 13 bags of sugar.

    You’ve also shed the weight of Ulric – britain’s fattest cat.

    So at least you don’t have to hide HIM in your jeans 😉

    Big hug. x

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