Only A Little Bit Of Fat

Yeah you read that right, I lost only a little bit of fat this week….1.5lbs to be precise! And I’m chuffed about it.


That right there, is lbs of fat and I lost half of that again….My total thus far is 1st 12lbs of it….its gone, gone for good.

The thing about little losses is that they are/can be consistent, which is great because it means each week I am moving closer to where I want to be – the only issue here is that I have no idea where I want to be. How did you all decide? Was it a clothes size or a weight that you chose?

So next week I would rather like my 2st Award but hey if I dont get it, its not the end of the world….theres always the week after its just important that I keep moving in the right direction.



2 thoughts on “Only A Little Bit Of Fat

  1. I think it’s individual to the person.

    If I think about my goal it seems impossible so I have to think instead about short term hops. Often they crop up when I’m thinking about the past – and tend to be a bit random.

    Old clothing is working for me at the moment and I have a range of clothes I want to get back into – maybe that could be a motivator?

  2. I’m like you, if I think of the overall amount I have to loose, I end up on the floor in tears! I have clothes that I cant get into but they are also things I would probably not wear now.
    I’m thinking of maybe small treats for loosing weight, like if I get my 2St award I’ll buy my self a new gym bag because mine is falling to bits or a new watch strap as the one I have is a bit big.
    Then continuing with the trend, so 2.5, 3st ect but not making them food related.

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