Welcome to Disappoinment

Have you ever made plans with some one, and despite best efforts they have to change/alter them and you feel really annoyed by this.


Trying to lose weight on your own is at best difficult, but I’m the only person in my house doing it, my partner can eat like there is honestly no tomorrow and because I live with my Gran who actually needs extra calories some times it just feel’s like I’m hitting my head off the wall…in fact at times that might be easier option than trying to feed different people the meals they need/want.

I was really happy as on Friday night because my partner came swimming with me. I’ve set my self the target of trying to do some sort of activity everyday. It does not need to be really challenging but just to move my body. The plan was when he finished work on the Saturday to go for a bike ride. Now I am getting adventurous, I don’t just want to keep riding round the same places…have bike rack will travel.

So Saturday I sat, thinking should I go out and go for a walk, as it was a nice day – I spent the day doing washing and making candles. My partner text saying he needed to nip to his garage for a hour, this was at 3:30pm, at 5:30pm he came in and said a bike ride wasn’t happening. Well…..How do you hide your disappointment,  I’d been envisioning a nice ride along the River Tees or through the woods or park. I got a trip to the headland.  Which then impacted on what I ate as I was unhappy = junk food!

The weekend only got worse from that point on to be honest, maybe it was my mood as I was unhappy from Saturday night, but Sunday took a horrid turn, birthday present shopping and my other half went in a bit of a strop with people walking in front of him, or stopping and his brother being a numpty, and I got it all took out on me.

So now what? Its Monday and I’m debating going swimming tonight just to make myself feel better.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Disappoinment

  1. Ultimately others may affect your mood but only you can decide whether that will make you do something positive or negative.

    No other half? Go for the bike ride anyway.

    Can’t make up your mind whether to go swimming or not? Go.

    In solidarity with you I’ll go on a walk round the park in a few hours – so regardless of what you end up doing you can know it won’t be entirely solo 👍🏼

  2. I hope the week turned around for you! I remember when I started my weight loss journey, I used to go to fitness classes with the girl around the corner. She was constantly letting me down, texting at the last second with some excuse or other. Eventually I got brave enough, and p*ssed off enough to go on my own. Don’t give control of your progress to others, they are not as invested in your goals as you are, despite how much they love you x

    • I dont mind doing things on my own, sometimes I honestly prefer it – headphones in and I’m happy. But when it comes to bike riding if its local I can happily go on my own, but if like planned I want to go adventuring I need a little help, as my short behind and trying to get the bike on the roof rack is a tad difficult. I have visions of being found laid on the floor with my bike squishing me, and the paint scratched off one side of my car.

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