Missing in Action


So I’ve not been around much lately, the weather has been lovely and I’ve wanted to be out and doing things. And then on the rainy days well….some one has to do the house work and unfortunately that person is me!

I’ve been in both my garden and my mums as much as possible. We started my mums before I had wrist surgery and progress stopped because she was looking after me and my gran, so now that I am better I wanted to continue. We had to re-dig borders that we put in for the little fencing and then I decided that slate was the way forward – slate is only the way forward if you have to put down one bag and not over 30 in 2 days.

We put the little edging fence in and then decided to dig over the “wild” bit and my mum loves butterflies and bees and general garden wild life, so we went round loads of garden centres choosing plants of the RHS list that will attract them. They have not even been in a week and they are coming in by the bucket load.

My mum had heard about this amazing garden centre up near Gateshead and we went on Friday, well it really was lovely but it was on a really steep hill and they had kinda cut levels in to it for the plants and other areas, so you basically got a work out looking for your pansy’s. We chose a gorgeous little seat, but it weighed a ton and came in three parts…each weighing about the same as 10 yr old and guess which silly bugger got to lift them?? go on?? ME!

The whole slimming world has not being going so great, I got my 2st award and I don’t think I went crazy but I ate crap. I’m due to see the nurse tomorrow about my weight and continuing with the orlistat tablets (if i have gained weight they wont continue them) but I’m considering asking if I can have a month off if I have lost weight. I have had stomach ache for just about all of the time I have been taking them, and they  seem to have little effect.

I have some really exiting news to share with you all but I’m going to save that for my next post as this one is already HUGE!



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