Small victories 

So I went and saw the nurse today, and the results where good.

The appointment was at 2:40pm so because I’m a superstitious kinda person I didn’t eat or drink before I went to the nurse – because of course that banana is going to add a stone to my weight! 

So I was starving which always puts me in a happy mood, but I had lost weight, 5lbs in the month which meant that I could continue with the orlistat if I wanted to. 

I explained the nurse that I wasn’t sure if it was making me ill- I constantly have stomach ache (either dull or really strong) and I don’t think they are working most of the time. We agreed that I could take a month or two off them and see if it was making me ill. So little victories!!! I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on and tomorrow is slimming world weigh day, here’s to a hopeful loss! 


3 thoughts on “Small victories 

  1. Experience of drugs like this is very personal – and I’m loathe to suggest it’s a bad think to take based solely on my own experience, but I was on this years ago when it was first launched as xenical.

    It was as disagreeable then as it sounds now and the toiletry side effects were pretty grim.

    My advice is stick with a healthy diet and shove that crap in the bin. I think you’re making the right choice. x

    • I took it about 12 yrs ago but I got no support and I think I lasted about a week. As you said the toiletry side effects are awful. But it has in all honesty not worked, I don’t know if my digestive system is too slow or if they don’t like me but I’ve found myself eating fat to try and get them to work.
      I feel happier already with out the pressure of them if that makes sense

      • Totally.

        In contrast my feelings of empowerment from a good diet and exercise loom large (even on bad days) compared to the feeling that I could only succeed with surgery or drugs.

        This is the medical establishment turning everything into a disease rather than treating the person with proper dietary support.

        One has to ask if the government is so worried about an obesity epidemic why the only real alternatives in a country with a national health service are private profit making companies like slimming world or weight watchers to go to.

        The drug is cheaper than actually helping you properly sadly.

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