Challenge yourself? Big News!

I like to think I live by the mantra “If it scares you – do it!”

In the past this has been running 10km, flying to Amsterdam to meet a friend on my own, going back to university at 25, so with that I would like to introduce you to my new challenge :

Swimming 22 Miles – The length of the English Channel- for Aspire the Spinal Injuries Charity, as every eight hours someone is paralysed by a Spinal Cord Injury and there is currently no cure.

I have 12 weeks in which to complete the challenge, but I’m aiming to do it in 10 with 2 weeks as a contingency plan. Here’s the scary bit – it is 1686 lengths of the pool and that works out to 168 lengths per week.

So I am a real life Dory – Just keep swimming. I start on the 12th of September and I am so excited to start, just to prove to myself that I can complete this challenge.

If you fancy sponsoring me – I have included the just giving link below just press the button, any amount no matter how big or small would be brilliant. Thank you in advance.

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I will of course keep you updated with the progress




Unexpected Compliments

So as you know, after my tiny rant the other day that I’ve endeavoured to do some sort of physical activity everyday, well I’m continuing as I feel loads better for it, my skin looks better and my energy levels are up.

Like most women, I worry about what I look like in a swim suit, and being bigger I worry that people will comment on my choice of suit, the colour, the fact that I’m even going swimming and showing off so much wobbly bits!

Well last night after getting out of the water I nipped to the loo (I don’t know what it is about swimming but I always need the loo when I get out of the water!). After exciting the cubicle a woman in the toilets said, “I really love your swim suit, its such a lovely colour and really suits you” You have no idea what this did for me, as this suit is a blue floral pattern but its rather bright. I like it because it has a little skirt to try and hide wobbly bits.

We then proceeded to have a conversation about swim suits and where to buy the best ones from, and for me it was nice as I wasn’t expecting it at all.



So as I sit here and eat my dib dab (4 1/2 syns) I’m a rather happy girl.

I got weighed this week and I gained, shock horror, but it was 1/2lb. I’m not going to lament this as I had three good meals out with the other half and family. Nothing beats family time and seeing my gran actually eat more than a tiny amount.

So why am I happy about my lack of weight loss? Because I got into a swimsuit and pair of gym bottoms two sizes smaller. And not only that but the gym bottoms are so far out of my normal comfort zone that I cant believe I had to confidence to buy them. Ive still yet to wear them out but hey one step at a time.

gym bottoms

I love them, and they are really comfy. Honestly Marks and Spencer sports wear range is brilliant, they offer some sizes up to size 24 which for a high street store for gym wear is not really heard of.

So I am stupidly excited because I have epic new gym gear and my water class resumes on Tuesday, I was hoping for sooner, but the woman didn’t return my call but she did say that because there is only three weeks till the schools break up and we loose the use of the pool, that they would look at a personal trainer for the 6 weeks holiday. I cant believe this, as I go to the gym but I’m not overly confident so hopefully this will help and speed up my weight loss.


Water Mobility

Today was my first class of water mobility, due to the problems with my hand I did not think it was advisable to go to a gym based activity as I would not be able to hold/grip things. This was the activity that the GP referred me for.

So I turned up nice and early, good job I did as there was only one girl on the desk and the queue was huge. I was prepared with swimsuit under my clothes and the woman was lovely (always find this a bonus when I’m stood in a swim suit!) and the class was full of older women. Nothing wrong with that, but I was the only one under 30 and 40 and 50!

The women however are a great laugh and the class was really enjoyable. The exercise that she used where really good, targeting the core and working our bingo wings a bit. I did not even notice that a hour had passed I still thought we where  15 mins in!

They have offered to refer me to the Fitness Trainers who will go through nutrition at a more in-depth level and personalise it to me more than slimming world does. I said that I would give this ago as all information is welcome. I’ve picked up leaflets about joining the local health centre, as they offer a monthly payment for swimming and I can go as much as I like. I love swimming always have  just the feeling of water makes me happy

So I lost 2lbs this week at slimming world and when the nurse weighed me yesterday I’ve lost a pound since Thursday which I’m happy with considering I went away for the weekend.  So now just to look forward to Thursday’s weigh in!!!


So I’ve been a bit absent lately, not on purpose but sometimes life takes over and finding the time to write a little blog post never seems to present itself. I know I can write on my phone or iPad but those apps just seem well and truly horrible. 

I have been busy, but I have not really done alot, Due to my ankle still being tender I still cant walk brilliantly nor drive as it irritates it and it then swells back up which just ends up with me being in a RICE loop. I have been trying though as I am not one of those people who can just sit on my backside for 6 weeks till its apparently healed. 

I got weighed on Thursday and I had lost 3 1/2 lbs, I wasnt trying to loose that much but I was impressed with myself but I feel as though this week I may have self sabotaged myself. I’ve stayed at my boyfriends and with that has gone my fruit bowl, whIich I nibble on through out the day. I have eaten large 800g bread for breakfast with fruit but no where near what I normally do. When we have gone out, I’ve made sensible choices as always and I’ve nipped home on a night to get some fruit and make a salad to accompany tea, but I am worried. Only next Thursday will tell. 

I was watching a men’s triathlon, now I’ve never watched a Triathlon before and I was rather enthralled. Here where this group of men swimming, riding and then running against each other. Some where better swimmers, others runners and some fantastic riders and some where just good all rounders. Well it got me thinking, I want to do that. I want to have a go, I might not be very good, I wont finish first, hell I wont finish half way but as long as I finished I would be really chuffed with myself. So that is my challenge for next year. I want to take part in a triathlon. 

I know nothing of training for such events, nor even where to find one so some work is going to have to be done. But I go away 3 weeks today. I will be joining a gym 4 weeks today. So hopefully this goal will become achievable

Oh and if any one has any hints or training tips for triathlons out there, I’m all ears! . 

To gym or not to gym?

That is the question….

I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a gym for a while now, I’m the kind of girl that likes the outdoors. I like fresh air, changing scenery, the wind in my face, not such a massive fan of the rain but I bought a waterproof to hopefully solve that. But its August which means that come next month the nights will start to get a bit darker and the days a bit shorter. 

From a safety point of view wandering around the streets of my little town may not be my best idea, for various reasons not just the obvious of “I don’t want to be attacked/mugged” but also a health point of view. So I’ve been considering a gym.

Ideally I would start when I come back from holiday at the end of September, this also coincides with my return to university which has me worried that I may be taking on too much. Although my course is only a night course I have to do a lot of reading and work during the day and the rest of the week. So then I counteracted this with “Oh well just get up earlier and go” but then how do I get around Gran, if she wakes up and I’m not there she may panic, or what heaven forbid she has a accident – these are the same thoughts I have about going during the day. 

We used to have a lovely gym, it had a pool and through a glass wall divide next to it was a lovely cafe / restaurant that non-members could frequent. I was going to join this gym as Gran liked to go and have lunch there, which meant that I could leave money at the till for her drinks and while I went to the gym and knowing that she as at least safe to some extent and in the same building she could crochet or read. Well the normal happened, it was took over by some big multinational gym and the took out the pool, the cafe and all the other nice bits. In fact we have no private gyms in the town with a pool – I find this amazing, in the surrounding towns there are about 2/3, but its not economical to drive there just for a gym.

So I dont know what to do, I know I need to shift my backside but finding a realistic way of doing so is proving elusive to me. 



So tonight me and my other half went swimming for the first time – there was many firsts tonight:

1) Our first adult swim session

2) Our first time swimming as a couple

3) Our first time exercising as a couple.

Adult swimming is a bit of a experience, they have lanes, and you have to swim anti clock wise. Now I cant even walk in a straight line so swimming in one is a bit of a challenge, but my main problem is that I’m slow, I personally dont mind this, its not a race, but it was at times disheartening to see people repeatedly taking over me. I know with time and my weight loss that I will get faster so that will be progress.

Exercising as a couple is something that is requiring an adjustment period. I have asthma, I’ve had it since childhood and have many many triggers but the warm weather we are experiencing at the moment topped of with trying to exercise is just compounding matters. I have a bit of a complex, my boyfriend knows I have asthma, but people – the general public – dont. All they see is another fat girl that is too big to exercise. Well even though I know he doesn’t see this, I think he does and it makes me wonder why he is with me? does he just see some fat unfit heffalump?

So going swimming again next week…hopefully I will get more laps done then.