Foodspiration…Stuck for what to have for dinner or tea, take a look below and hopefully you will find some inspiration for meal ideas. I will add to this gallery when I have created something that I have really enjoyed eating. Please feel free to comment away, although the food may not look brilliant, it certainly tasted fantastic


Pita Pizza with Wedges & SaladThis lovely pita pizza takes less than half a hour to make, simply select your toppings, here I chose ham, sweetcorn, red and green peppers along with red onions and reduced fat mature cheddar cheese.Cut a pita bread in half and cover in tomato purée, add the toppings and finally bake in the oven for 10minuets or until crispy. Serve with your choice of side dishes, as you can see I chose salad and potato wedges, which where really filling after a hard days shopping!


chicken tikka masala This is one of the nicest curries I have ever eaten, it can be made as hot as you like simply by adding more curry powder and spices when making the marinate. The only let down to this recipe is that the meat needs to marinate for at least 4 hours prior to cooking but its best to be left over night. This is not the recipe to make if your in a hurry. I served it with boiled rice and a side salad that was not shown, but other ideas could be chips or used the left overs the next day with a jacket potato.


Stirfry This is one of my favourite quick meals, and you can use up left over vegetables that you have in the fridge which is brilliant. I add fresh garlic and ginger to mine along with Worcestershire sauce and light soy sauce to give a sauce. The dried noodles can be cooked in minuets in a pan of boiling water meaning you can have a meal in minuets for when you are starving. This works really well with pork, chicken and turkey. For added flavour you can leave your meat to marinate in garlic/ginger and chilli to give it a kick.

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