Unexpected Compliments

So as you know, after my tiny rant the other day that I’ve endeavoured to do some sort of physical activity everyday, well I’m continuing as I feel loads better for it, my skin looks better and my energy levels are up.

Like most women, I worry about what I look like in a swim suit, and being bigger I worry that people will comment on my choice of suit, the colour, the fact that I’m even going swimming and showing off so much wobbly bits!

Well last night after getting out of the water I nipped to the loo (I don’t know what it is about swimming but I always need the loo when I get out of the water!). After exciting the cubicle a woman in the toilets said, “I really love your swim suit, its such a lovely colour and really suits you” You have no idea what this did for me, as this suit is a blue floral pattern but its rather bright. I like it because it has a little skirt to try and hide wobbly bits.

We then proceeded to have a conversation about swim suits and where to buy the best ones from, and for me it was nice as I wasn’t expecting it at all.




So I’ve been a bit absent lately, not on purpose but sometimes life takes over and finding the time to write a little blog post never seems to present itself. I know I can write on my phone or iPad but those apps just seem well and truly horrible. 

I have been busy, but I have not really done alot, Due to my ankle still being tender I still cant walk brilliantly nor drive as it irritates it and it then swells back up which just ends up with me being in a RICE loop. I have been trying though as I am not one of those people who can just sit on my backside for 6 weeks till its apparently healed. 

I got weighed on Thursday and I had lost 3 1/2 lbs, I wasnt trying to loose that much but I was impressed with myself but I feel as though this week I may have self sabotaged myself. I’ve stayed at my boyfriends and with that has gone my fruit bowl, whIich I nibble on through out the day. I have eaten large 800g bread for breakfast with fruit but no where near what I normally do. When we have gone out, I’ve made sensible choices as always and I’ve nipped home on a night to get some fruit and make a salad to accompany tea, but I am worried. Only next Thursday will tell. 

I was watching a men’s triathlon, now I’ve never watched a Triathlon before and I was rather enthralled. Here where this group of men swimming, riding and then running against each other. Some where better swimmers, others runners and some fantastic riders and some where just good all rounders. Well it got me thinking, I want to do that. I want to have a go, I might not be very good, I wont finish first, hell I wont finish half way but as long as I finished I would be really chuffed with myself. So that is my challenge for next year. I want to take part in a triathlon. 

I know nothing of training for such events, nor even where to find one so some work is going to have to be done. But I go away 3 weeks today. I will be joining a gym 4 weeks today. So hopefully this goal will become achievable

Oh and if any one has any hints or training tips for triathlons out there, I’m all ears! . 


So tonight me and my other half went swimming for the first time – there was many firsts tonight:

1) Our first adult swim session

2) Our first time swimming as a couple

3) Our first time exercising as a couple.

Adult swimming is a bit of a experience, they have lanes, and you have to swim anti clock wise. Now I cant even walk in a straight line so swimming in one is a bit of a challenge, but my main problem is that I’m slow, I personally dont mind this, its not a race, but it was at times disheartening to see people repeatedly taking over me. I know with time and my weight loss that I will get faster so that will be progress.

Exercising as a couple is something that is requiring an adjustment period. I have asthma, I’ve had it since childhood and have many many triggers but the warm weather we are experiencing at the moment topped of with trying to exercise is just compounding matters. I have a bit of a complex, my boyfriend knows I have asthma, but people – the general public – dont. All they see is another fat girl that is too big to exercise. Well even though I know he doesn’t see this, I think he does and it makes me wonder why he is with me? does he just see some fat unfit heffalump?

So going swimming again next week…hopefully I will get more laps done then.



Work Out Clothes

So its been a while since I have posted, life just got in the way, which I suppose it has a habit of doing, and although I’m going to write one of those posts at some point telling the world what i’ve been doing or more importantly not being doing but firstly I want to write about something I’ve noticed over the last week.

I decided in my infinite wisdom that I wanted to take up running, now being a bit on the curvy side, I knew a couple of things :
1) I couldnt just go outdoors and run – my lungs would never forgive me
2) I’d need some sort of specialist clothing
3) Before attempting such things I should probably have a read up and get hints and tips….

soooo being me, backwards order seemed to be the best idea, – I read up online about running when over weight, how to gently ease myself into it. I dint want to head back to the gym, at first but decided that I would use the beautiful weather and enjoy the outdoors. So far so good, I had a plan.

Now I decided to replace my old trainers with a pair of new ones and this was a relatively simple process – they even did half sizes 🙂
So now comes the bit that is the most annoying part…. Clothing!
Sports Clothing to be precise. I went in every sports shop and even clothing shop that could possibly sell sports clothes and none of them seem to sell clothes that a specifically designed for working out / running/ jogging ect in anything bigger than a 14/16 .

This to me just seems to put a barrier in the place of larger people wanting to loose weight, get fit, be healthier in place. Now I’m a NIKE girl, but I could only buy a XL top from them, their bottoms where just a joke, top fits beautifully, but alas i ended up in Asda for my bottoms….just seems stupid. But I”ve searched all over the net, and what annoys me more, is that if you do find them that go up in sizes you pay more and they are missing some of the fabric technology…..clever huh?

soo guess ill just have to keep working on loosing a bit so i fit into a tiny pair of nike bottoms!