So when this blog started, I was at uni and hoping not to graduate looking like a beached whale. Well guess what, I looked like a beached whale on steroids at over 20st, and the photographer managed to get a photo of me shaking the chancellors hand where i look like miss piggy. Totally awful!

So what about me? Well I’m nearing 30, engaged and have 101 reasons to loose weight, but the main one is that I’m just sick of being big, I don’t like the extra weight, that I can’t buy a bra in a normal shop let alone clothes, I’m worried that I am going to squish my other half in bed one night, or that I might squish myself.

This is it, it is make or break time. I have to loose weight, and while I am happy to write this blog and have no one read it, if you are and want to comment or are on a similar journey say hi,






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