iPad’s & Inches


Yesterday I took a iPad to be fixed, I had not used this iPad in over a year, but the digitiser wasn’t working and I couldn’t get access to it. I had also managed to break the charge port. YEY me and the amount of damage I can do.

So I returned to pick it up and the bloke in the shop is giving me a huge smile, so this being a little weird I pay and leave. Once back in the car now being able to access the iPad, I checked it out. One of the first photos is a progress picture of my weight loss with me in a bra and pants. No wonder the bloke was giving me a smile, and no I’m not embarrassed, although I don’t post progress pics on Facebook or any other social media, I’m not ashamed of my body.  Both my mother and gran found this hilarious when I told them even my partner had a good giggle.

So I don’t think I am loosing weight, I had a 1/2 gain last Thursday, but I am loosing inches, my clothes are bigger and looser. The top I have on today used to be tight at the boobs and arms, but there is loads of wiggle room. The smaller size jeans, although wearable are not as comfy as I would like (they are skinny fit and I don’t like things tight on my calves) I will get weighed on Thursday and see what happens. Hopefully a loss.