Most of us all love convenience food, either pick it up through a drive through or bang it in the microwave for 12 mins and we are fed, YIPPIEE!!!

For me, I’ve never ate microwave meals it wasn’t something that appealed to me, I would of rather have a sandwich than the zappy burger, and meals for one when I’m on my own have never grabbed my attention. The thing with slimming world though is if your just eating for one, it can be a bit of a faff on. Even if I make salad it takes forever to chop it all up, boil eggs, and some times I just want something to eat.

Yeah I can pick up a salad from a lovely sandwich shop in town, that has nothing added to it, but I’m even to lazy at times to drive there. So with this in mind, I thought I would try out some of the slimming world and Iceland range. Now I know I am late to the party with these meals but here is my 2p worth.

So far I’ve tried the meatballs, the chicken tikka and the chicken sagg, not a massive range but one thing stands out for me in their range : WHAT IS WITH ALL THE MUSHROOMS. People have a love hate relationship with mushrooms, kinda like Marmite, but most of the range seems to have them in which has limited choices me. The chicken Sagg for instance, I tried to pick on with very few of them in. The tikka was nice, but a little watery and after eating it my partner said he preferred mine, that boy sure knows how to sweet talk a girl. The meatballs where nice, we made spaghetti bolognese  out of them and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weight loss thus far has been slow, 1.5lbs my first week, followed by a 1lb gain and another loss this week of 1lb, I wasn’t expecting a lot but I had hoped for more, just  a tad disappointing when your giving it you all.



I hate going to the Dr’s to discuss my weight,  it takes me weeks to build up the confidence just to go and speak to them. Previous experience has given me the expectation that they don’t care or see me being there as a bit of a joke.


So knowing that it was going to take me a while to build myself up to this, I booked an appointment 3 weeks ago, so that everyday I could talk myself into it. Even this morning I was going to cancel. I made sure when I booked the appointment it was with a female Dr that I felt comfortable with. I didn’t know what I wanted but help, not sure what the help was that I wanted though. The question didn’t help when she asked me what I wanted as I honestly didn’t know.

The appointment was thoroughly awful, she was asking me what exercise I did and told me that I need to do more (I already knew this), that in order to get any sort of help from them I need to loose at least 1 1/2 st, and that she would refer me to a exercise programme and just to be on the safe side check my bloods again for thyroid problems and diabetes. Oh and they will put me in their weight management clinic.

I’m not sure what I feel about all of this. As stated earlier I went in not knowing what I wanted, but 1 1/2st is a lot to loose, and I’m well aware of the amount of weight I have to loose. Now all I can think about is that number. This time though she seemed to take my concerns seriously, especially since I’ve gained 2 1/2st in 2 months and all this with out changing what I eat.







I have some big news….Well here goes, I got engaged, who ever would have saw that one coming? Apparently everyone, its the done thing.

I love my partner, I love the idea of being married, but I hate the idea of a wedding! I’d honestly would rather put needles in me than stand up in front of people, in a princess dress and stand for photos, I know that I don’t have to do either of these things but coming from surprisingly traditional families, it seems to be expected. My idea of lets just bugger off to Vegas and get married in shorts and a t-shirt, didn’t seem to go down too well either.

One thing all of this has made me think about is the future – weddings, houses, babies, growing old and over the last couple of months I have come to the realisation that I dont want to be doing all of that with the weight of another person attached to me. So what do I do?

Well I did this yesterday : 0179222d50ad8276ef431228ba337536f3f67adffb

I went back to my group, and there are a few familiar faces there, but I still had a panic attack in the car. It was really difficult, when I was last there I was 3st lighter, and I was imagining them looking at me and thinking “Bloody hell she’s piled the pounds on” but they can think that if they want to, I got off my backside and went back.

I’ve also booked an appointment with the Dr, this one is going to take more talking myself into than the group, I’ve booked them before and ended up discussing something else. I was also told before that there was very little they would/could do for me, but it has to be worth another try? Surely?