1/2 St & Food Challenge

I got the shock of my life today at group today, I stood on the scales and they said I had lost 3.5lbs which meant that I got my 1/2 st award.

I was totally not expecting this, more along the lines of 1lbs, not that I have eaten badly or not followed the plan, but my body is just all over the place at the moment. I have had to take a break from  my contraceptive due medical advice and its really effecting me, which is why last week I only lost 1lbs. because of it. so I could have 3 more weeks of this! Not looking forward to that at all

In the mean time I had decided that I am going to try to eat a different food each week that I normally wouldnt eat, by this I mean something I may say I don’t like or I’m “allergic” too, so this week I am going to eat tomatoes. Normally I will pick them out of the food, and leave them on the side but this week I am adding them to food. I started them tonight by adding them to salad and they where actually not that bad.

Next week I might try plums.




I have realised just how much of a perfectionist I am over this last week, and how that is impacting my life in a variety of ways. 

My weigh-in last Thursday only produced a 1/2lb loss, which was disappointing to say the least, I’d followed my plan 100% so the little perfectionist in me expected at least 2lbs, not a measly 1/2lb! I could of cried with frustration. 

The weekend has presented another challenge as I have spent from Friday baking and decorating a christening cake for a christening on Sunday, which I was a guest at, which then meant buffet food there after. So not only have I been surrounded by cake, I also was faced by buffet food!. But my inner perfectionist escaped again, baking a cake in 30 degree heat is an experience, you can ride it out and bake late at night with fans on ect to make the kitchen as cool as possible, but when it comes to decorating your kinda stuck. The fondant would not stick to the cake, and then the cake was moving once it did stick! 

Once we had the cake on the cake board with it was no longer square but more like a squished square, which considering I was making a toy box, kinda worked. But me being me I hated it, It didn’t look like should in my head, I didn’t want to give it to them, if I had had sufficient time I would of made it again. 

It was given as a present, and although the recipient said that they loved the cake and that it was amazing, not one photograph of the cake has appeared on social media sites from the day, not that I want one too, but I would have liked to have been thanked. 

What I am noticing is that I am also a perfectionist that I have to follow the slimming world plan 100%, that I’m miserable when it doesn’t work, but how far will I allow my perfectionism to go? 


So, I have been mentally compiling this list in my head for a couple of days and thought I would share it with you all, please feel free to comment any thing you feel I may have missed. These are not health reasons just things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Reasons to lose weight

  • Because in the heat it is awful – your sweaty and red and feel disgusting
  • So when you go to the Dr’s they can use the normal blood pressure cuff with out having to swap it over to the large cuff
  • To be able to go shopping and just pick clothes up off the rail and know they will fit
  • To be able to “Just squeeze past” some one with out them having to move 4 paces
  • To wear shorts in summer with out looking weird
  • So my skinny jeans are actually skinny not a huge version of skinny
  • To consider wearing high heels, men you may want to consider this also, its a personal choice but i’ve only ever wore flats and I would love to wear heels
  • Being able to complete our work with out fear of how we look
  • So when in the supermarket people don’t look in the basket trolley just to see whats in there, just to make sure its healthy enough
  • So a normal towel fits, not a bath sheet that is massive and weighs a ton when wet
  • So I can buy tops with arms in and they fit
  • So trousers don’t come with elastic in them, reminding me of old peoples clothes.

There are probably loads more I could add, but for now that will do, feel free to add any….


First Week

Yesterday was my first weigh in at Slimming World, and I was apprehensive to say the least, all I have done all week is eat, eat and eat a bit more. I have never felt so full in my life, but it was a good full, not a “bloated I’ve over eaten don’t want to move for a month” full.

So come 1pm I went off to group, with my bottle of water and stood on the scales and low and behold it said I had lost 3lbs. Now I was hoping for 2lbs so I was over the moon with 3!

So for next week, well I’ll just aim for a loss and see how far I get, but I noticed a change in my self, last time I did SW, when I had a loss I would get take away that night to celebrate because well in my mind it warranted it, last night  I went swimming, came home and had beans on toast with bacon (fat removed) and the finished off the salad I had left over from lunch. I was happy with that.

I also wanted to show you guys my project that I spent yesterday afternoon creating. Over the last couple of months I have acquired numerous spices but keeping them in the little packets is becoming a bit of a nightmare and not really good for them so I bought some little jars from a local shop and created these:


Pretty nifty eh? I got 6 jars for £5, and I can always go back and get more as I expand my spices but I am really really pleased with them. 

The Other Half Is Cooking….

Wednesday night is date night, we used to go out to the cinema or for food but it was getting a bit same old same old, that plus the fact my other half can often not finish work till gone 7pm, while I can not get home from university till well past this was making it a long day, followed by a long night.

So we decided that we would simply switch to cooking – this is something that we both love doing, and it saves us a fortune, but it also allows us to eat healthier food!

Well last night while wandering around the supermarket after swimming he asked me what I fancied for my tea tonight, my instant reply was of course “STEAK!” so some lovely steak was bought and tonight his challenge commenced….cooking it!


Normally I kinda hover, at his insistence because he will admit he is not a brilliant cook, but this is a meal we have made together loads of times so this evening, I took up residence on the sofa with my iPad looking for spice jars once all the vegetable chopping had been completed. Now my lovely other half did not disappoint.

I got steak cooked how I like it 🙂 with onions and peppers, and actifry wedges, and the salad that i had brought to go along side it and it was totally yummy 🙂 It was nice for him to completely cook my tea, I got to find the bits and bobs on the internet that I wanted. I cant wait for next week to see what is for tea 🙂


So tonight me and my other half went swimming for the first time – there was many firsts tonight:

1) Our first adult swim session

2) Our first time swimming as a couple

3) Our first time exercising as a couple.

Adult swimming is a bit of a experience, they have lanes, and you have to swim anti clock wise. Now I cant even walk in a straight line so swimming in one is a bit of a challenge, but my main problem is that I’m slow, I personally dont mind this, its not a race, but it was at times disheartening to see people repeatedly taking over me. I know with time and my weight loss that I will get faster so that will be progress.

Exercising as a couple is something that is requiring an adjustment period. I have asthma, I’ve had it since childhood and have many many triggers but the warm weather we are experiencing at the moment topped of with trying to exercise is just compounding matters. I have a bit of a complex, my boyfriend knows I have asthma, but people – the general public – dont. All they see is another fat girl that is too big to exercise. Well even though I know he doesn’t see this, I think he does and it makes me wonder why he is with me? does he just see some fat unfit heffalump?

So going swimming again next week…hopefully I will get more laps done then.




Well, I went back to slimming world.

I had to, I point blank refuse to graduate from university in a tent. I’m not getting up on that stage in a cap and gown looking like I’ve borrowed my gown from go outdoors camping section. I got roughly a year, I dont expect to be a size 8 and stunning, but well a couple of dress sizes smaller would be really brilliant. I figured that since I have the whole summer to get into the swing of things before returning to uni I would use this time wisely.

So I am currently sat surrounded by cooking books planning meals out. Meal planning has never been a strong point for me, I’m the type of girl who buys food in has a rough plan- goes to the fridge and cooks 🙂  I just say plan uni assignments!

But I thought I would give it a bash, thus far I’ve got Lemon and Herb Chicken, Quick Chicken Pasta Salad and Jerk Chicken. I seem to like poultry. Part of the problem I have is that I spend most of my day out of the house – I eat out a lot for lunch, always trying to pick the best options  but I want to change that so hoping the planning  will reduce this.

How does everyone else plan? do they plan?