Challenge yourself? Big News!

I like to think I live by the mantra “If it scares you – do it!”

In the past this has been running 10km, flying to Amsterdam to meet a friend on my own, going back to university at 25, so with that I would like to introduce you to my new challenge :

Swimming 22 Miles – The length of the English Channel- for Aspire the Spinal Injuries Charity, as every eight hours someone is paralysed by a Spinal Cord Injury and there is currently no cure.

I have 12 weeks in which to complete the challenge, but I’m aiming to do it in 10 with 2 weeks as a contingency plan. Here’s the scary bit – it is 1686 lengths of the pool and that works out to 168 lengths per week.

So I am a real life Dory – Just keep swimming. I start on the 12th of September and I am so excited to start, just to prove to myself that I can complete this challenge.

If you fancy sponsoring me – I have included the just giving link below just press the button, any amount no matter how big or small would be brilliant. Thank you in advance.

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I will of course keep you updated with the progress




Syns Syns Baby!

Syns! Syns! SYNS!!! if your following slimming world you get syns, which can be used for the naughty but nice’s of the world…that chocolate bar at lunch, or the coffee with friends or the piece of birthday cake that you just cant refuse.

Any one who has ever done slimming world will know that Syns, are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they allow you to eat the treats, you can save them up for a special occasion or the weekend, or use flexible syns if you chose. Some people have their syns all worked out for the week pencilled into their meal plans so that they know what they are doing. Personally I’m not that organised, I go on a day by day basis and I think this is what the majority of people do.

So how are they are curse?  Well, if you have 15 syns for the day and the total of the syns you want to use is 17….thats 2 over, do you take the 2 off tomorrow and just have 13??? or let those 2 slide?

The problem with letting them slide is that it can become a habit, “oh its only 2 syns, it doesn’t matter”. but all those 2 syns add up, if I let 2 syns slide every day by the end of the week that is a total of 14!! 14!!! that is a whole day’s worth of syns.

So here comes the question, what do you use your syns for? 

Personally, I try to add mine to my meals, I’m not a big chocolate eater, I’m more of a bread girl…I can devour entire loves in minuets, its a talent I give you that.  So I have extra bread, or a pitta with my tea, but I’m open to ideas, so hit me with them!download



My ass hurts

There is no other way to say it other than to blurt it out. My ass hurts.

Having bought a new lighter bike I was itching to get on it and go, but according to the other half, we have to break them in, check the handle bars are straight and add a whole host of other bits (lights!! Like I plan on biking in the dark!!!)

One thing no one mentioned about breaking in was my ass…..I did really well I got to my Grans house with minimal ease, I had to stop once to get my breath. We stayed for a bit while people admired my lovely bike, and he adjusted my handle bars ( this nearly caused a fight cos I had no idea what he wanted me to say other than its wonky?) and then we got back on our bikes to ride home. The plan had been to walk home but I was determined to make it back. I kinda did, I got 3/4 of the way home when I got  a shooting pain from my lower back/ass up I could hardly get off the bike and when I did it was the most unladylike like thing you have ever seen. So I then proceeded to walk home with a slight limp.

So my seat has been swapped for a gel cushioned one that was in the shed, but in all honesty I don’t think it will be big enough!

How ever non of this has put me off and I’m already planning the next ride…thinking Wednesday, oh and I’m signing up for a water motivation class, what ever that entails, there was a gym option but I dunno just feel it. I love cycling, I feel really free and love speed but a gym just seems boring to me.





It has been yet another long while since I have posted. Not because I am not following slimming world, or not wanting to write, there has been so much I could have wrote about but life just repeatedly gets in the way.

So thought I would give you a bit of a update on my journey:

I am currently 1&1/2 stone lighter having got my award this week. I am really pleased with my self, for continuing my journey but I expected that it would be quicker. that I would be at least 3 stone lighter by now. The only person I can “blame” for my lack of weight loss is my self, but I’m not going to do that because we weeks where I have had a gain there have always been a reason for it. Not just because I sat and gorged my face. The thing is I am getting there, when I started this journey I was heavier, unhappier, and every lb off is a good thing, an amazing thing.

Me and my partner have been together a year, we celebrated it this weekend, we had a lovely Slimming world Chicken Tikka curry, and Steak and Jacket potatoes to celebrate. We did go out for food during the course of the weekend but all my choices where good choices and ate lots of fruit during the weekend, this is different to other weekend where I struggle when we are out and about to eat my superfree. I am happy, which means my weight loss is working well. I cant wait to see what the next year brings for us as a couple and I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, last year we didnt give each other gifts as we hadn’t been together very long, but this year we are going Christmas crazy.

I also bought myself a Christmas present, in the black Friday weekend sales (BTW those things are just stupid, people getting injured for a cheap telly, give ya head a shake!)  but I had been considering getting a new fitness tracker as the necklace to my shine keeps breaking, and pushing a wheel chair it doesn’t record my activity on my wrist. So a bit of research later and a chat with the nice lady in the Apple shop, I had purchased a JAWBONE UP24 from boots for £50, which is half price and I have to say that I am really impressed with it. Not sure about sleeping with it on, but then I cant sleep with a necklace on so its nothing really different. I will give you a update once I have worn it for a little bit. Its safe to say that I am going for my 2ST award before Christmas, I want that baby. Its 7lbs and i’ve got 3 weigh ins. So lets go!




Well I’ve stopped feeling like my backside. Hallelujah!!!

I’m pretty sure this is down to the fact that I have pretty much stopped taking painkillers, I hated being drowsy, not being able to drive (its painful but was a option) and well I feel like me now, not a walking zombie. I am in pain, but I would rather be like this than that. I also went back to uni, my lecturers where really understanding especially as I cant sit for very long and have to get up and walk around the room a bit.

It was a really interesting lecture and we played with some fantastic software, we often get software to use but its not always interesting. Its normally things to make networks run better, or check them over, but this was from the other end of the spectrum, how people would/could attack a network. I always like this aspect, as its always changing.

Today was weigh in day, now I wasn’t expecting a loss, as I had eaten loads of bad things to try to upset my stomach. I would of been happy with a maintain to be honest, but I was over the moon with a 1 &1/2 lb loss. This week I am 100% on plan, I’m fed up of on/off weight loss. I am staying at the other half’s, but I’m making Chicken Tikka and taking that with me for tea, then on Saturday we are going up to the Metrocentre for the day so it will just be a day of careful food choices. I am also going to put some fruit in my bag so that I can nibble at will.

This weeks group was the Slimming World first week of Christmas, we had a taster session, and I got a little bit creative in the kitchen. I made Cheese & Tomato Tartlets and Giant Mediterranean Cous Cous. And they where both super yummy. I took 20 tartlets and came back with 3 🙂 which was nice as it meant that me, mum and gran got to taste them.  As part of the Christmas party and the many weeks of Christmas that slimming world are going to (There are  9 weigh in’s for me till xmas!) we where given little gift tags and asked what we would like to give ourselves as a gift for Xmas. So here is mine for all you lovely people.

IMG_1272I added the Rudolf ring just to make it feel more Christmassy for you all, but I would like to achieve   my club ten award. This means that in 9 weeks I need to loose 10lbs, doing the maths on this its just over a pound a week. So I’m really hoping I can achieve this, if not by Christmas before.

I also wanted to share what I had found in Tesco, I’m sharing because I dont eat ice cream but I bought it for the house and I was curious as to what the syns where. I some times do this so if I have items in the house I know what they are prior to me eating them. This is 8.5, some say 8, but I’d rather be cautious. So if you ever fancy some Ice-cream but dont fancy measuring it out this could be for you, they are two individual pots, and apparently are rather tasty.

IMG_1269Till next time




We all have choices, we make them everyday. Left or Right? Dress or Trousers? Trainers or Boots? Cake or No Cake?


Do we own up to ourselves just how much crap we have been eating or not? Well I decided to own up to myself about how much crap I have been eating. AND here is the verdict. Apart from today I’ve not been eating as much as I thought. Today I have managed to go over my syns, but it was a concious choice. I have purposefully been trying to give myself a upset stomach and its not working – typical – so  I have been eating cream and dairy ect(There is a reasoning behind this, I’m not losing the plot). All I seem to have managed to do is give myself a even greater stomach ache.

I have also noticed that I am not eating enough, the pain killers that I am on leave me feeling sick, to the point where I don’t want to eat so I am eating meals with lots of free foods but not a lot of super-free in them and then bits of fruit in between. So this coming week I am going to work on trying to eat more and take less pain medication. I dont like the sick feeling nor the dizzy confusion so its now a weigh up time of are they worth it. Choices.

Always Choices. The thing about making a choice is to make a informed decision, take all the information you can and weigh it up, before you decide to act.


So I’m not feeling so much like my backside today, I still feel awful though.

I actually managed to get some sleep, at least I slept for longer than a hour at a time, which I think has helped. This was managed by putting a pillow under my back, I have no idea why this worked but it did.

I had a  bit of a mix up today, I was positive that today was the 7th, so I was took by surprise when the nurse called me at 11:50 am to say that I had missed Grans appointment, and had to arrange to take her down at 2pm, what I’d also missed was at asthma check up for me. I seem to be a day behind myself, maybe this infection is effecting me more than I thought it was. So I tried to drive today and oh my days it was painful. I wouldn’t of had to drive if I had got my days right.


I have decided to add a new page to the blog, a Recipes page, please take a look. I’m going to post recipes on here of some of the food I make, so that if you see something that you like you can get the recipe for it. Also if you want the recipe to something, leave me a comment and I will try to get one for you. I have not put the syn values on things so please use your common sense, the reason behind this is that it allows slimming world members to get to know how to read a recipe and define its syn value and if some one whos not following the plan wants to make it, they are not obstructed by all this “syn” value stuff. (How many times can I say syn in one paragraph!)

Looking forward to tomorrow, I am going with my mum and gran to get our hair done, which means for me a ever so slight trim of the dead ends. I am colouring my hair tonight, just to even out the tone of my hair as I am not loving it so much. Getting hair extensions put in my hair in Novemeber and I am really excited about this, hence the wanting to even out the tone of my hair. So I’ve got a foam dye, I love them as it always seems to work better.